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Richard Goodman

Author Bio

Richard Goodman is the Learning Technology Team Manager in IT Services at Loughborough University, having been at Loughborough since 1992, as both a student and member of staff. Consequently he can remember when digital education “was all just fields”, as were many other parts of the internet. The alumni association motto “Loughborough is for life” appears to be true.

He has worked on many digital education related projects during his time at Loughborough University, including Project ACORN (an eLib project, featured in issue 10), Learn - the University’s virtual learning environment launched in 1999, Steeple BR, MEGS, RAPID, DART, EASIMAP, WFA, CAA/QMP, SOCReF and some others that don’t have creative acronyms.

Most recently he was involved with the University’s ReVIEW project, to transform lecture capture provision by moving to an opt out system for recording teaching events across the campus. Somehow, the team managed to do all of that in just 3 months, and it worked. As they used to say in 1980s TV shows, “don’t try this at home!”