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International FEMIRC Conference, Warsaw

Philip Hunter reports from the International Conference on Activities in Science and Technology in CEEC towards European Integration, organised by the OPI (Information Processing Centre) in Warsaw .


[1] The Information Processing Centre (OPI), Warsaw, is at: http://ciuw.warman.net.pl/alf/opi/

[2] Information about the Polish Femirc can be found at: http://ciuw.warman.net.pl/alf/femirc/

Information about the activities of the partner organizations can be found at: http://ciuw.warman.net.pl/alf/femirc/dok5eng.htm

A new FEMIRC server is available at: http://www.femirc.org.pl This service will eventually replace the services mentioned above.

The final programme for the conference, issued shortly before it began, is available at: http://www.femirc.org.pl/wiadomosci/n/n07.html. The actual running order of the presentations was slightly different.

[3] Available at http://www2.echo.lu/libraries/en/libraries.html

[4] The EXPLOIT Accompanying Measure is listed among related accompanying measures at: http://www2.echo.lu/libraries/en/newproj.html

[5] , “Creating a user-friendly Information Society”; [Document EUR17651], p5, and Annex II of the same document, section II. The document is available on the web at: http://www.cordis.lu/esprit/src/istwork.htm

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Philip Hunter
Information Officer
University of Bath