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Web Editorial: Introduction to Issue 14

The Web editors, Philip Hunter and Isobel Stark, introduce Ariadne issue 14.

In addition to the articles mentioned by Lyndon Pugh in the print editorial, Ariadne, the web version has several articles and features to interest even the most world weary.

Oliver de Peyer reminds us all what it is like to be on the receiving end of the ‘end-user’ revolution whereas Brian Kelly looks forward to the latest dynamic HTML. Also on offer is timely advice from Jon Knight on the problems encountered when using networked CD ROM redirectors with Windows 95 or NT, Walter Scales looks at bad and good web design and Rachel Heery explains RDF.

ELib projects are also well represented with reports from Superjournal, EDDIS and ROADS as well as the report from Catriona which is also in the print version. Latest developments from eLib projects also crop up in the Newsline along with conference announcements, news from the UK and US goverments, national initiatives and so on.

And of course there are all the regular columns including the Copyright Corner, Public Libraries, Search Engines and Planet Sosig. All in all, something for everyone whether your interests be of a technical or end-user bent.

Author Details

Isobel Stark,
Ariadne Web co-editor,
Email: i.a.stark@ukoln.ac.uk
Philip Hunter,
Ariadne Web co-editor,
Email: p.j.hunter@ukoln.ac.uk