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The JISC has published the following circular (JISC Circular C06/02) to the community

[3 July 2002]

A call for number of projects designed to give the UK experience of emerging technologies in the authentication and authorisation area, based on open, vendor-independent standards. Institutions have a period of six weeks to respond. The deadline for full proposals is 12 noon on Thursday 18th July 2002.

An electronic copy of this circular can be found on the JISC website at: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/pub02/c06_02.html

Please note that an introductory guide to bidding for JISC funding is available at: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/pub01/bidding_guide.html and this is intended to advise institutions/organisations that are not familiar with writing bids for the JISC.

The JISC has recently published the following circular (JISC Circular 07/02) to the UK HE community.

[3 July 2002]

A call for a number of pilot projects of up to 10 months in length, designed to explore issues of linking institutional digital library systems and resources to virtual learning environments (VLE). Some projects will consider technical issues whilst others are expected to consider the cultural and organisational issues of VLE - digital library linkage.

Institutions have a period of six weeks to respond. The deadline for full proposals is 12 noon on Tuesday 20th August 2002. Projects should commence in October 2002 where possible and end on 31 July 2003 or shortly thereafter.

An electronic copy of this circular can be found at: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/pub02/c07_02.html

Please note that an introductory guide to bidding for JISC funding is available at: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/pub01/bidding_guide.html

This is intended to advise institutions that are not familiar with writing proposals for the JISC.

DC-2002 in Florence

[31 May 2002]

DC-2002: Metadata for e-Communities: Supporting Diversity and Convergence, Florence, October, 13-17, 2002. More information is be available at: http://www.bncf.net/dc2002/

Digital Preservation Coalition launches web-site and online version of digital preservation handbook

[31 May 2002]

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) website - http://www.dpconline.org goes live today providing a platform for the dissemination of DPC research and writing and makes available an online version of the Preservation Management of Digital Materials:A Handbook - an authoritative and practical guide to the subject of managing digital resources over time and the issues in sustaining access to them.

As digital information becomes increasingly important to our culture, knowledge base and economy the DPC website will provide a resource for all those involved in the creation and management of digital materials.

The DPC officially launched at the House of Commons in February 2002. The aim of the Coalition is to secure the preservation of digital resources in the UK and to work with others internationally to ensure that access to our global digital memory and knowledge base is not lost.

The DPC has the following long-term goals:

The launch of the website, and online version of the Preservation Management of Digital Materials, marks the next phase in the DPC’s development and is a significant step towards addressing one of the Coalition’s main goals: the commitment to disseminating information and sharing outcomes.

This handbook, originally published by The British Library in October 2001 and developed through funding from Resource: the Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries, and the British Library Co-operation and Partnership Programme, is based on research by staff from the Joint Information Systems Committee of the UK Higher and Further Education Funding Councils (JISC) and the Arts and Humanities Data Service. The handbook is aimed at a broad audience and is intended to provide guidance to institutions at national, regional and local levels who are involved in or contemplating creation and/or acquisition of digital materials. In a rapidly changing environment the web version of the handbook can be updated on a regular basis to ensure currency of web references and cited projects. Development of the online edition has been funded by the Digital Preservation Coalition and completed by Neil Beagrie and Brett Scillitoe on behalf of the DPC.

For further information please contact Anna Arthur/Tom Coupe at Anna Arthur PR on 020 7637 2994 or email: mailto:info@aapr.co.uk

ECDL, the 7th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries

[29 May 2002]

This confereence will take place on August 17-22, 2003 ECDL 2003 Trondheim, Norway.

Tutorials will take place August 17 and workshops August 21 (-22).

ECDL 2003 is the 7th conference in the series of European Digital Library conferences. ECDL has become the major European forum focusing on digital libraries and associated technical, practical, and social issues.

ECDL 2003 has been moved from the traditional date in September (cf. ECDL 2002 in Rome, http://www.ecdl2002.org) to August. This is the reason for this early announcement.

The first Call for Contributions and the conference website will be available from the middle of July 2002.

For questions, comments and contributions please contact:

the General Chair:
Prof. Ingeborg T. Soelvberg, Dept. of Computer and Information Science,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology


the Program Chair:
Traugott Koch,
Lund University Libraries,

New book from Facet Publishing

[27 May 2002]

Libraries Without Walls 4

The delivery of library services to distant users - Peter Brophy, Shelagh Fisher and Zoƫ Clarke, editors
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