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What's in GEsource for Further Education?

John Blunden-Ellis provides a view of the material available to FE from GEsource, the RDN subject service for geography and environment.

GEsource [1] is the geography and environment hub of the RDN and provides free access to a fully searchable catalogue of high-quality resources on general geography, human geography, physical geography, environment, and techniques and approaches.

Below is a selection of resources in GEsource that will be relevant to learning and teaching in FE:

Virtual Training Tutorials

A wide choice of free tutorials on how to develop Internet information skills in specific geography-related topics is available in the Training Tutorials area [2] of GEsource. Many of these are on topics that are cross-disciplinary and are therefore relevant to other hubs - particularly the social sciences hub SOSIG [3].

Geography Timeline

GEsource is currently building a geography-related timeline that looks at significant dates and events that have shaped the geographical world, from the formation of the Earth to the present day. In addition to browsing the information provided, a user may choose a keyword or date range to search, thereby generating a customised timeline. Many timelines are linked to topics in the main GEsource catalogue.

World Guide

GEsource has brought together a series of fact sheets and lists of geographic information to create a world 'guide'. Data can be fund about the world's longest rivers, the highest mountains and much more. This data has been adapted from a range of Internet and general reference sources. Additional data is provided via the World Flag Database, databases of online maps, and free country and continent outline maps.

Case Studies for Further Education

A series of geography- and environment-related case studies for FE has been commissioned and illustrates how resources from GEsource may be used for learning and teaching in FE. Each case study has the same structure, including ideas on creating material, and how to use the materials in FE teaching.


Land and Environment

Environmental Science

Internet Resource Catalogue

The Gesource catalogue currently contains over 4,500 high-quality, information-rich resources. These resources have been selected by information professionals and are regularly reviewed. The catalogue can be searched by keyword, or alternatively there are a large number of browse headings, segmented under the five main subject areas. Examples of the types of resources found in the GEsource catalogue are:

Resources in the catalogue will be suitable for reading lists, study packs, and teaching resources.

In addition, an internal search engine provides a broader catalogue (called the 'Web Catalogue') of nearly 43,000 resources.

Future Plans

During 2004, substantial amounts of material relevant to Further Education will be added to the GEsource catalogue. FE resources currently available in the catalogue will also be selected and tagged to create a readily identifiable resource tailored specifically for Further Education.


  1. GEsourcehttp://www.gesource.ac.uk/
  2. Gesource Training Materials http://www.gesource.ac.uk/training.html
  3. SOSIG http://www.sosig.ac.uk

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John Blunden-Ellis
Service Manager

Email: j.blunden-ellis@man.ac.uk
Web site: http://www.gesource.ac.uk/

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