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News from BIOME

Jenny Hall reports on recent news form BIOME, the Health and Life Sciences hub of the Resource Discovery Network.

BIOME Hot Topics

New Hot Topics [1] are proving of interest to our users and the number of hits continues to increase. Check out what is new in April and May.

BIOME as Resource of the Month

BIOME was chosen to be shown as a key Resource of the Month by Information Services, University of Nottingham. Introduced in January 2005 the ‘Resource of the Month’ programme promotes and publicises key electronic resources to target audiences in the academic and student community at the University of Nottingham.

BIOME Events

BIOME staff have been busy, among other things, attending relevant events held for the health and life sciences community:

Changes to the Virtual Training Suite

The RDN’s Virtual Training Suite [6] is a collection of free, interactive online tutorials, designed to teach Internet information skills to the Higher and Further Education communities in the UK. Aimed at lecturers, students, teachers and researchers, the tutorials provide training for those who want to discover what the Internet can offer in their subject area.

The BIOME team has authored seven of these tutorials and as part of the VTS’s commitment to providing high-quality advice these tutorials are regularly updated. The following tutorials have undergone a complete link-check:

The ways in which the Internet supports work in the health and life sciences is ever changing, and BIOME aims to reflect new trends as they emerge in its virtual training tutorials. Librarians, lecturers, and students can therefore rely on this free Internet training service in the knowledge that members of the BIOME team are carefully updating it.

Changes at BIOME

Donald Mackay, BIOME Service Manager, left in March 2004 to take up a new post as Head of Healthcare Libraries at the University of Oxford. Many thanks to Donald for the commitment and hard work he put into running the Service and we wish him well in his new job.


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