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Jenny Hall reports on recent news form BIOME, the Health and Life Sciences hub of the Resource Discovery Network.

BIOME Resource Booklets

New editions of the popular (and free) BIOME booklets, “Internet Resources for Healthcare and Medicine” and “Internet Resources for Animal Health” are now available. The BIOME team have fully revised the content and produced the booklets, for the first time, in full-colour with a more professional design.

The booklets will provide students (HE and FE), academics, lecturers and practitioners with a taster of some of the many high-quality resources in two of our subject areas: healthcare and medicine, and animal health. Users can find all these resources in our OMNI, NMAP and VetGate gateways.

While stocks last we are happy to provide up to 300 copies of the booklet to any library or information service providing services to UK HE or FE users and up to 50 copies to libraries providing services to other groups. However, we can make available larger numbers - just contact us to discuss your requirements.

We are now taking orders for booklets for immediate distribution. Normally these booklets are regularly oversubscribed and numbers are limited so please place your orders as soon as possible. For orders, please go to leaflets [1].

Our “Internet Resources for Healthcare” and our “Internet Resources for Animal Health” booklets are also available for downloading from the publications area of our site as a PDF file - downloads [2].

The Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine [3] and OVID [4] have given generous support to the production of “Internet Resources in Healthcare and Medicine”. Furthermore, the production of “Internet Resources in Animal Health” would not have been possible without the sponsorship of Lipincott, Williams and Wilkins [5] and AHIS [6].

BIOME Questionnaire

We would like to find out your views on the new and improved Internet Resource booklets from BIOME.

For entry into the prize draw to win a £30 book token, please complete the short questionnaire. To access the questionnaire please visit feedback [7].

The deadline for the prize draw is 31 October 2005 and BIOME will notify winners within 7 days.

The survey will continue to be available after this date and further responses are welcome.

Changes at BIOME

Martin Stower, our Technical Officer left us at the end of July 2005. Our thanks go to Martin and we wish him lots of luck in all future endeavours.


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  4. OVID http://www.ovid.com/
  5. Lipincott, Williams and Wilkins http://www.lww.com/
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