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Oxford Journals to report on its open access experiments

Oxford Journals is to stage a one-day conference to report new results from its open access experiments.

Conference details:
Monday 5 June
76 Portland Place, London, W1B 1NT

Preliminary programme:
Martin Richardson and Claire Saxby, Oxford Journals, Oxford University
Press Oxford Journals and Open Access

Claire Creaser and Eric Davies, LISU, Loughborough University:
Counting on Open Access - Preliminary Outcomes of an Experiment in Evaluating Scholarly Journal Open Access Models

David Nicholas and Paul Huntington, CIBER, University College London:
Determining the impact of open access publishing on use and users

More information on the programme will be available fro

Registration for this event will open on 5 May. To pre-register to receive further information on this event, please complete the pre-registration form

For further information please contact:
Mithu Mukherjee

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Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) 2006

14-16 June 2006
University of Bath, Bath

Registration is now open for the 10th Institutional Web Management Workshop to be held at the University of Bath.

This 3-day workshop is primarily for those involved in the provision of institutional Web services but covers many library and information science areas. This year's theme is Quality Matters and there will be a number of talks that consider how this can be applied to both the delivery and organisation of information. There will also be a debate with one side arguing that Content Management Systems are a key tool for knowledge management, the other claiming that the bubble has burst, resulting in content mis-management.

For further information:

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Fifth UK e-Science All Hands Meeting (AHM 2006)

18-21 September 2006
East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham, UK

The aim of the meeting is to provide a forum in which e-Science projects from all disciplines can be discussed, and where the results from projects can be demonstrated. The conference will therefore feature presentations by groups from throughout the UK who are active in e-Science projects, in addition to poster sessions, mini-workshop sessions, project demonstrations, and birds-of-a-feather sessions. The schedule will also include a number of invited Keynote speakers involved in leading Grid and e-Science activities.

Further information: http://www.allhands.org.uk/

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The 5th European Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) Workshop

21 September 2006
Workshop at the 10th ECDL Conference, Alicante, Spain (http://www.ecdl2006.org/)

Entitled "Networked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services" the workshop aims to address key challenges for KOS posed by the overlapping themes of

However, other NKOS topics can also be proposed. For inspiration, visit the NKOS network website at: http://nkos.slis.kent.edu/

A significant feature of this NKOS workshop will be a special session highlighting Semantic Web applications of KOS in Digital Libraries. This builds on Semantic Web contacts established at previous NKOS workshops at ECDL and represents a convergence of semantic Digital Library efforts from the library world and Semantic Web communities. The session will focus on theoretical and practical issues involved in building next-generation Semantic Digital Libraries that provide machine support for end-users in their search for content and information.

Note the 11 May 2006 deadline for proposals

Further information:

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Fedora announces new release

The Fedora Project http://www.fedora.info has announced announce the release of version 2.1.1 of the Fedora open-source digital repository system. In addition to the standard Fedora features built around Web services, XML, and RDF, this release introduces the new Fedora security architecture, the Fedora Service Framework, and reports significant performance improvement and many other new features and enhancements.

A major new feature of Fedora 2.1.1 is automated enforcement of access control policies using XACML (eXtensible Access Control Markup Language). Both simple and fine-grained policies can be written to permit or deny access to a Fedora repository. Also, object-specific policies can be written to control access to a particular object or its components (content or metadata items).

Further information:
Details are on the Fedora Web site http://www.fedora.info/community/

General Information:
Ronda Grizzle, Technical Coordinator rag9b@virginia.edu

[Source: Fedora]

[Received: April 2006]
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Podcast from interview during recent code4lib conference

A sixth podcast has been announced in PALINET's Technology Conversation series and features Daniel Chudnov, Staff Programmer at Yale's Center for Medical Informatics. The interview took place at the code4lib conference. Daniel discusses the importance of free software and generally shares his wisdom as a leader in library technology and open source software.

The link to the PALINET Technology Conversation page is:

The link to the RSS file is:

The direct link to the MP3 of the podcast is:

Further information:
Please send all comments and questions to:
John Iliff
Library Technology Development Consultant

[Received: April 2006]
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New report on use of digital resources

The Center for Studies in Higher Education, University of California, Berkeley has announced the publication of a new report entitled Use and Users of Digital Resources: A Focus on Undergraduate Education in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The purpose of the research behind this report was to map the universe of digital resources available to a subset of undergraduate educators in the humanities and social sciences, and investigate how and if available digital resources are actually being used in undergraduate teaching environments. A variety of methods were empoloyed, including surveys and focus groups.


Copies of the report are available at:

[Received: April 2006]
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