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Review: The Student's Guide to the Internet by Ian Winship and Alison McNab

Ian Winship and Alison McNab publish cut-price guide, aimed at all students, to the Internet.

Release Date: October 1996
Price: 7.99
ISBN: 1 85604 2073

This is the first Internet handbook written specifically for university and college students. It aims to provide FE and HE users with an accessible introduction to the Internet and what it has on offer for them, demonstrating particular methods and explaining which procedures and sources are important. Using a practical presentation style, the emphasis throughout is on the specific needs of the student. Topics covered include:

This guide represents an essential companion for all students who wish to exploit the resources of the Internet for their studies. It will also be particularly useful to those who cannot access training within their own institution. The authors expect that librarians and academic colleagues will want to recommend this book to students to relieve pressure on the over-burdened information professional.