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Web Access for the Disabled - HOTmetal PRO Helps to Bring Access to the Web

Cathy Murtha gives some details of an upgrade to a popular Web production tool that will make Web page creation easier for many disabled people.

Many web designers express a desire to provide access to the blind and visually impaired, but don’t really know where to begin. Although the tools are available and there are a number of web sites on the internet where information on the specifics of accessible design can be found, there seems to be something lacking. That something could well be the support of mainstream corporations in providing a means to help web designers create accessible web sites. Happily, one corporation has decided to forge a new path in the world of web design by incorporating accessibility into its new product. SoftQuad International [1], makers of the popular HOTmetal PRO web authoring program, took a decisive step last month by extending a welcoming hand to the disabled community with an exciting announcement.

At the W3C conference in Santa Clara, California, SoftQuad, the developers of HOTmetal PRO, announced their intention to release an AdaptAbility Toolkit with the next release of their Internet Publisher. HOTmetal Pro already offers web designers the tools necessary to create pages which can be displayed on all of the mainstream browsers but, with the addition of the AdaptAbility Toolkit features, HOTmetal will not only provide a means to create accessible web pages through the use of an “auto prompting mechanism” which will alert web designers to features which could be added to make a page more accessible, but it will also allow the disabled access to the program through the various toolkit features:

SoftQuad understands that a growing number of netizens suffer from disabilities. This significant step in programming offers hope to the blind, visually impaired, and disabled community. With the help of HOTmetal PRO, we are one step closer to the goal of 100% access on the World Wide Web!


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Cathy Murtha is interested in Web Access for the disabled, and has a set of Web pages on these issues.

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