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REACH Project Opening Conference "Resilient Cultural Heritage and Communities in Europe" 10th-11th of May 2018, Budapest, Hungary

The opening conference of REACH project, will be organized by ELTE University, Eotvos Lora Tudomanyegyetem and it will take place in Budapest (Hungary), the 10th and 11th of May 2018, kindly hosted by the Hungarian National Museum.

REACH, re-designing access to Cultural Heritage for a wider participation in preservation, (re)use and management of European culture, is a a three-year project on participatory governance of culture, started on the 1st of November 2017. The project is supported by the European Commission in the frame of the Horizonb2020 programme, and coordinated by Coventry University.

The REACH Social Platform aims to establish a sustainable space for meeting, discussion and collaboration by all those with a stake in the field of culture and Cultural Heritage. The expected outcome of the debate is to achieve a proposal for a resilient European Cultural Heritage and to offer concrete participatory experiences through showcases and good practices identified by the project’s pilots.

The REACH international conference in Budapest is part of the programme of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and it will introduce the project’s scope, offering a great opportunity to discuss and compare successful examples of participatory processes and researches. The conference will face themes such as social cohesion, social inequality, minority heritage, preservation and management of Cultural Heritage. Moreover, during the two days event, a dedicated poster sessions will be opened, where the participants can present their own projects.

The conference will be held at the Hungarian National Museum, 1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 14–16 Hungary

More information about the conference on http://reach-culture.eu/budapestconference2018

Registration direct Link: http://reach-culture.eu/budapestconference2018/registration

Call for posters link:http://reach-culture.eu/budapestconference2018/call-for-posters

Conference contacts: Eszter György, esztergy29@caesar.elte.hu; +3630 278 27 31 Gábor Oláh, gabor.olah@yahoo.es; +3630 456 62 9